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Why Try Mediation?

Before wading into the legal world to solve your dispute with another party, remember this ....


Getting involved with the courts can be costly, destructive, frustrating and a time-wasting nightmare that may last for years, negatively affecting all parties in a dispute.  For example, a prolonged family divorce often wipes out the resources of the primary bread winner.  This does not help your children or your family, and affects the lives of everyone.  Even if you win in court you may still lose because of the costs you incurred and the prolonged aggravation it created in your life.

Participating in court proceedings can produce nasty surprises.  You may feel that you have the moral high ground only to discover that a court's interpretation of legal issues means you may be technically right but you lose.  "Justice" is based on interpretations of the law and court decisions are often founded neither on our sense of fairness nor our concept of right or wrong.  With the average lawsuit in Canada taking about 3 years and costing tens of thousands of dollars, many lawyers wisely recommend mediation rather than litigation.  Mediation is quick and inexpensive and you can do it on your own without a lawyer.

How often have you participated in a discussion only to discover that new information has completely altered your perception of things or the way the other party views your position?  In court, by the time this happens it's often too late for you or the other party to attempt a settlement before the judge decides the matter for both of you.  Neither of you may like the way the judge settles things.

In constrast, mediation provides disputing parties with an opportunity to present their side of an argument outside of official legal proceedings. You get to tell your side of the story the way you see it and then hear the other side, without legal filtering or legal manoevring.  A skilled facilitator manages the process in a quiet, comfortable, personal and neutral environment where you get to speak directly with the other party in the dispute and talk frankly about how you might resolve things without the legal baggage involved in court proceedings.

Confidentiality is a powerful and attractive feature of mediation.  In contrast, if you take a dispute to the courts then it is open to the public and the resulting information and disclosures become a part of the public record.  Privacy is a big motivator for people to choose mediation over the courts.

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